On The Beach

We have been lucky enough to visit some fabulous beaches  all along the coastline of Spain and Portugal. Some were small coves, others wide expanses of sand or pebbles. We’ve seen them fringed by trees, boulevards, rugged cliffs and dunes. Sometimes there were big waves (Atlantic) and smaller ones that tickled the shore on the Mediterranean. We didn’t spend a lot of time on some of them , it was often a chilly wind that put us off, although it  became warmer as the days went by. So we reached Cambrils and it seems to be my perfect spot. Which is saying something. A wide boulevard and cycle track, traffic free, palm trees complete with green parakeets line the edge of the beach. There is even a roman villa to look at. (Mind you, from a distance as the site only opens to visitors on Saturday afternoons! ) It has been warm almost hot and sunny and I swam in the sea.


However. On the north coast of Spain we discovered Zumaia, which is a world famous UNESCO site which I’d never heard of! Speaking as a geographer and geology student that’s a huge omission…..it appears! The coast shows a cliff made up of lots of layers, standing on end – due to the crash of the Iberian plate into the European one( trying not to be too teachery here) which look like slim volumes in a library. Evidence within these slim ‘chapters’ show key events in world history, such as the point in time where the north and south poles swopped places; evidence of a surge of iridium from a catastrophic meteor landing in the Yucutan peninsula and wiping out the dinosaurs! Wow. Really interesting if you like that kind of thing.

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