Adios Iberia!

All done. Two glorious months exploring and enjoying Spain and Portugal have ended. Spain kindly let us leave in miserable wet weather so that we didn’t mourn the fact that we were going away from sunshine. That makes six wet days in total.

So what have  I learned?

That blog writing can be stressful when wifi is unreliable, but it has helped me look at all the lovely things I’ve seen with different eyes and has been a great reminder of places we’ve visited.

That I am rubbish at navigating anyone anywhere.

I pack too many clothes

Tea tastes best made with Bristol water

TV is easy to do without… long as you have decent radio/iPlayer and DVDs

It’s nice to be home.

Hope you’ve enjoyed travelling with Jan Man and Van. More next trip???!!!!


2 thoughts on “Adios Iberia!”

  1. We have enjoyed travelling with you vicariously…Yes…tea definitely tastes better in England. And, you have come home to some sunny weather. Let’s catch up soon!


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